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In 2018, the Zero E-Scooter Series was launched. The release of these powerful scooters also embodied a powerful message. Zero Mobility is a brand that has always been dedicated to finding sustainable means of transportation, and their powerful electric scooters are the fruits of that eco-friendly thought.

With the dawn of online e-rideable stores, the best electric scooters are now made accessible for everyone.  E-Ride Solutions is a proud dealer of Zero Electric Scooters in Australia.

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6 products

Zero Scooters: Zero Emissions

Along with other e-scooters, Zero’s electric kick-scooters prove to be effective alternatives to cars and other vehicles. E-scooters are easier to operate, cheaper to maintain, a good source of exercise, and undeniably environment-friendly.

As opposed to the harmful emissions that cars and other vehicles produce, electric scooters produce none at all. This is Zero Mobility’s prime vision, and it has materialized in their series of top electric scooters.

What to Look for When Buying Electric Commuter Scooters

If you are finally convinced to buy your own e-scooter, here are the three most important things you should consider:

  • Battery performance. As an e-rider, battery capacity should be on top of the list when looking for a scooter to buy. You wouldn’t want to be stuck on the road with a powerless scooter with still a few miles to go, right? The Zero 8 e-scooter offers this and more, and has set the standard in high-performance compact electric scooters.
  • Riding range. This is definitely a must-check when buying an e-scooter. A longer range means a longer distance you could travel with your scooter in one go or back and forth. Knowing your e-scooter’s range will let you anticipate how far you can go before charging it again.
  • Price and durability. Much like other investments, an e-scooter’s price and durability are also things you should take into consideration. Is it within your budget? Is it sturdy enough for the price you bought it for? You should know that not all expensive scooters are made to last long, but there are budget-friendly city scooters that can last for years after its purchase.

Riding comfort, amazing battery capacity, mind-blowing climbing power-- Zero Electric Scooters tick all the boxes in every e-scooter enthusiast’s list! These electric scooters will definitely give you more than you expect even on a limited budget. Here at E-Ride Solutions, we offer you some of the best e-scooters from one of the best brands available in Australia. Choose from our list of high-performance Zero e-scooters, and you will make one of the best investments that will still be compact for the years (and miles) to come.