Warranty - Everybody Ebikes


Everybody e-Bikes provides this warranty against manufacturing and material defects from usage which would be considered  normal recreational applications. Warranty is for parts only and does not include labour or shipping costs associated  with repair. 

  • Battery: 2 years pro rata (12 months full replacement then pro rata for the 2nd year) 
  • Frame and other non-consumable components (for details see below): 2 years from date of original invoice Shimano genuine components: 2 years subject to Shimano worldwide warranty terms 

Everybody e-Bikes Warranty conditions  

At the discretion of BF e-Bikes, components may need to be returned for testing and inspection. Prior approval for repair  must be gained by BF e-Bikes before repair is undertaken. Repair must be carried out by BF e-Bikes authorised repairer  or an agent nominated by BF e-Bikes. Transport charges will apply to replaced or repaired product if shipping is required  in either direction. 

Warranty is not transferable. Warranty period does not recommence from date of product replacement or repair. BF  e-Bikes fully complies to terms and conditions for consumer goods under Australian consumer law. 

Warranty details - Labour & shipping costs for repair are excluded from warranty. Warranty is for replacement parts  only. 

Frame & non-battery components warranty: Frame is warranted to be free of manufacturing and material defects for 2  years from sales invoice. 

Electric items: Battery warranty is for full replacement within first year and pro rata for 2nd year only. A reduction of  30% capacity within 12 months is not considered a fault. Exclusions are water damage, physical damage, incorrect  charging and power surge. Damage resulting from collision or rough handling is not covered under warranty. Motor,  charger, controller and throttle claims require the item to be returned for inspection and testing prior to replacement  or repair. 


Shimano components: Shimano components carry a 2-year worldwide warranty for manufacturing and material defects. 

Drive train, Wheels, Steering and General items: The following items carry a two-year warranty for manufacturing and  material defects from purchase date: 

  • wheel rims & spokes 
  • hubs and crank set 
  • front forks 
  • seat and seat post 
  • handlebars & head stem 
  • bottom bracket & kick stand 

Damage resulting from collision or rough handling is not covered under warranty. Other components are considered  consumables and are not covered by warranty. 

Wear and Tear Exclusions: Tyres, tubes, valves, lights, brake and gear cables, chain and sprockets, handlebar grips, brake  pads.  


Usage Exclusions/Restrictions: 

- Normal recreational use does not include use for deliveries or other commercial activities. Normal recreational  use covers usage below 10,000 kilometres travelled per year.  

 - Stunting and jumping 

Riders including luggage exceeding maximum recommended weight limits 

Third party modifications to any aspect of the bikes standard design 

- Fitting of non-genuine spare parts 

- Use of non-genuine BF e-Bikes battery charger 

Any labour costs associated with repair of warranted items or any shipping costs to get items to/from BF e-Bikes Lutwyche workshop are to be covered by the owner not the seller. 

How to make a warranty claim for products sold by Blind Freddy e-Bikes:  

  • Firstly, contact us and describe the issue. It is possible that the issue can be remedied over the phone. If not,  find a copy of your original receipt as this will be required.  
  • If possible, please return the bike to Blind Freddy e-Bikes for initial inspection. If then deemed appropriate for  warranty repair or replacement, BF e-Bikes stocks a wide range of spare parts for products imported by our  company. We will assess whether a suitable replacement is available and advise timeframe for repair. 
  • If unable to return to our store, please contact us so we can perform a high-level interrogation to determine if  you require assistance from a repairer with bike mechanic diagnostic services or e-Bike services. Where possible, we will help locate a suitable bike repairer or an authorised BF e-Bike repairer for inspection. If  then deemed appropriate for warranty repair or replacement, BF e-Bikes will liaise with the repairer to supply  spare parts for products imported by our company. We will assess whether a suitable replacement is available  and advise timeframe for supply & repair. 
  • Where parts are for products sold but not imported by BF e-Bikes, we will contact the distributor and confirm if  the issue is covered by their warranty. Any parts subject to replacement under warranty will need to be sourced  from the distributor, if required. Blind Freddy e-Bikes labour and shipping will not be covered unless prior  agreement is made with the distributor. All work will be carried out according to the warranty conditions above. 

Bikes, trikes or scooters sold prior to 12th November 2019 are covered by Blind Freddy Pty Ltd ACN 122 439 605 and  the warranty held by the previous owner. We will contact the organisation for you but cannot be held responsible for  the warranty cover. Labour and shipping will be at customer's expense. 


Please keep your original invoice to confirm date of purchase.