Warranty - Volition


Tyre pressure; urban riding & trail riding are different. In general, we recommend 35psi front, 38psi rear.

First service: It is quite normal that the bike needs the gears retuned & brakes adjusted within the first few weeks. There are many “how to” videos online or please ask for help from your local bike shop.

WHEN CHANGING GEAR (both cassette & internal ): ease off the pedal pressure to “save the drivetrain”; always pre-select the low gears for a hill climb to ensure the bike chain will last. Shifting one gear at a time!

Motor temperature check is important. Electrical parts may burn out. If the motor is running super hot, make sure to “cool it down”. Selecting the right bike gear helps keeping the motor temp low.

Servicing – The whole system is only water resistant. Clean & dry the bike after the rain is recommended. The brake, chain & tyre may need a check or a service if necessary every 1000km. Please bring your bike to a trusted shop or find the servicing help online. The motor may need a full internal service after 10,000km or 2 years. Any cassette system (chain) may need a replacement after 1000km – 3000km. Internal gears (Shimano) will last many years if used properly. Belt driven systems can also last for many years.


  • Do not shift more one one gear at a time! (one at a time)
  • Do not use the throttle excessively
  • Do not use the throttle to take off
  • Do not use the high gear for low gear situations (this is the most common issue we hear) If you have driven a manual car, e-bikes operate the same way.



One Year Limited Warranty: What is covered under our limited 12 month warranty?

  • The whole motor and battery system, the frame and most bike parts. If you intend to use the bike or motor kits for commercial use, please contact us right away. We do not provide warranty for the bikes intended for commercial use without a special agreement.

What is not covered ?

  • Tyre, Cassette, Chain, brake pads, grips, saddle & pedals. Any accidental damage repair is a paid service.

What will void the warranty ?

  • Modifying top speeds on your own; Modifying the e.bike controller; Water damage; motor and battery “burn out” due to excessive heat & improper gear use

VOLITION Warranty repairs : In an event that the customer needs to send the item back under a possible warrant claim,  we usually do not cover the shipping to back us; however,  we will cover the shipping in returning the repaired bike back to the customer. Please note that we do not send replacements before we receive the possibly faulty parts (for an examination).

However, if we find:

  • if the repair is outside of our warranty coverage; i.e. there is obvious damage to the bike from collision or mis-use; the battery has been dropped etc…
  • if the claimed fault is due to a simple user error
  • if it is caused by a build error by the user on receipt of the bike

We reserve the right to claim the cost of the repair plus the freight in both directions before returning the repaired bike. Replacements could be new or refurbished and also could be an updated or similar version.

SUR RON Warranty repairs: 

  • Volition does not cover the shipping charges to or from the customer location
  • Volition does not cover any warranty related labour.
  • Volition only offers a replacement part to the customer after a warranty issue is confirmed and investigated. Your patience is appreciated.

Commercial/ Racing Use

If you are using the bike for commercial use, please notify us fo a pre-agreement. Our limited warranty does not cover any commercial or heavy duty use a such as Uber Eats, hiring or 3500km+ of use within 3 months