Ausstech E-Bikes

If you're looking for an electric ride that can get you from point A to point B, look no further as we have some of the best Ausstech Electric Bikes around. Coming from its name, Ausstech combines electric bikes with technology, providing you with some of the most advanced e-bikes around. These are built with only the best components from frame to its rotary parts, Ausstech electric bikes are built to the core.

Ausstech electric bikes are known for their portability and many of these can be folded, stored, and/or easily transported. You can easily ride Ausstech electric bikes wherever you go, regardless of it's to the beach, to work, or even just for leisure. Choose from a wide selection of electric bikes which include electric folding bikes, mountain bikes, and more.

Browse through our collection and you may find some of the most popular electric bikes from Ausstech, such as the Ausstech Thunder, Ausstech Monster, Ausstech Fremont, and more.

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Why choose Ausstech Electric Bikes?

Ausstech is an Australian grown e-bike company that offers the biggest range of electric bikes in the country. They are passionate and committed to their mission—"to offer Australia’s highest quality, affordable, and safest electric bikes to Australians.”

It is one of Australia’s fastest growing e-bike brands, and E-ride Solutions proudly offers some of their best designs.

Choosing the Best E-Bike from Ausstech

Patrons of the e-cycling industry have always praised Ausstech-made electric bikes for their performance, durability, and price. It has definitely set the standards high for a lot of other electric bike brands, and has always delivered optimum results concept every concept. The e-bike brand takes pride in its variety of design types, and here are some of them:

Electric Mountain Bikes

Ausstech has once again stayed true to its modernistic vision with their line of electric mountain bikes. One example is the Ausstech Fremont Electric Mountain Bike. This sweet ride has styling that would definitely turn heads of those who will see it on the road or the trail. It has an operating power of 250W, and speed that can go as fast as 25 kilometers per hour. Know more about this sweet ride here.

Folding Electric City Bikes

E-city bikes are some of the most sought-after types of e-bikes in the market. Ausstech’s Monster Folding Bike, for one, is a high-performance electric bike that is a favorite among e-cyclists. It is designed to amplify the amount of fun and excitement one will have on the trail and the streets. This folding electric bike from Ausstech has been given a lot of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, as they experienced not just an exciting cycling journey, but a very comfortable one as well. Be one of the many of its satisfied riders, and order yours now.

Electric Beach Bikes   

Spice up your beach trip with your very own electric beach bike. Ausstech’s Beach Rider Folding Electric Bike can be the one that’ll do just the trick. Feel the fresh sea-side breeze as you ride this sleek and intelligent electric beach bike. Its easy-folding feature also makes it easy for you to just carry it around. Enjoy your weekend stroll, take it for a pin at the park, or use it tow school/work every day. This kind of folding e-bike has a wide range uses, and you wouldn’t want to miss out!    


Ausstech is just one of the many best value e-bikes and e-scooters you can find here at E-Ride Solutions. Choose your ride now!