Whether you enjoy going for fun rides or need a way to get from one place to another, our Ignite collection has some of the best rides to choose from. These electric rides bring both an alternative way to get around and amusement for riders. As a flagship brand of The Aquilia Group, these rides have been designed to provide fun and function.

Combining ideas to make the perfect rides, they were able to combine both design and performance to perfect modern electric skateboards and electric bikes. You can expect sleek and modern designs along with top performance when getting around on one of these rides. Whether it’s an electric bike or electric skateboard, Ignite aims to please and you won’t regret getting one for yourself.

Check out the collection of Ignite electric bikes which include the Ignite Puma Hardtail, Ignite Glider Urban, and the Ignite Leopard Dual Suspension. If you are more interested in electric skateboards, we have the awesome Ignite Cruiser, Ignite Slimline, and the Ignite All Terrain.

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