Electric Bike Racks & Carriers

If you’re looking for a good way to transport your electric bikes, then you are at the right place! It’s not that hard to look for one, although it might be a little tricky. This is because traditional bike carriers usually carry half the weight of an e-bike, so you should look for something that’s crafted especially for your beloved electric ride!

With all that being said, we introduce you to our line of electric bike racks and carriers. These models are designed specially to carry and ensure the safety of your e-bikes. Yes, E-bikes! That’s because some of these designs can carry up to four bikes at a time!

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Choosing the Best Electric Bike Rack or Carrier

If you’re a new electric bike owner, you might not know that there are some differences between a regular bike rack and an e-bike car rack. One difference is that some e-bike carriers are more durable and heavy-duty than regular bike racks.

Some are even more secure, and quicker to use. It’s already a lot of work to transport an electric bike, and a user-friendly carrier rack will be exactly what you need.

So now that you’re aware of these facts, let’s find out how you should choose the perfect e-bike rack and carrier!

  • Consider your needs. Before buying anything, you should first know your needs. The same goes for an e-bike rack and carrier. Ask yourself these questions: How often do you need to use it? How many e-bikes are you transporting? What kind of vehicle/s do you have? Once that you have answered these, you can now go and look for an e-bike carrier that will tick all the boxes.
  • Know your budget. An e-bike carrier might be an investment for some, so knowing your budget before the purchase is a must. Don’t fret though, there are affordable e-bike racks that give you the same durability and functionality that an expensive one can give. You just have to know where to look!
  • Security is key. This is definitely one of the first things you should consider when you are choosing an e-bike rack or carrier. You might be needing to haul your electric ride for a long drive, so a good e-bike rack with a security system would be very beneficial.

Buying E-Bike Racks and Carriers in Australia

It might look simple but shopping for the best electric bike rack and carrier needs more deliberation than you think. So, if you’re looking for a trusted Australia-based distributor of the best electric bike racks, then E-Ride Solutions is the answer!

Take a peek at our line of e-bike racks and bike carriers that will ensure your E-ride’s safe transport!

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